How to get more out of your landing pages & make more conversions

By Annabel Lemmey - October 31, 2019

Ever wondered how you can better cross-sell, up-sell and convert all just by simply changing the design of your landing pages?


Here are some easy and effective ways to do so...


So, firstly someone reaches your landing page, your number one goal here is to get your customer to share the details with us. Let's face it, no one is going to do this unless you do these quick things: 

  • Keep your forms short (we suggest grabbing at least name, email and phone number)
  • Use a big header to broadcast your offer value
  • Use bullet points, focusing on the key features and benefits of your offer to showcase how it will change your customers life
  • Use a clean, organised design 
  • Make your page mobile friendly 
  • And don’t forget to test your landing page on a variety of devices.

Congratulations! Someone has given you their details BUT what do we do now?!


Whether someone filled out your form to receive your content asset, subscribe to your newsletter or even purchased your product, the THANK YOU PAGE is quite often a huge MISSED OPPORTUNITY. 


So here are 8 effective ways you can leverage YOUR thank you page...

  1. Include a video outlining another service that you offer or a free consultation with a call to action
  2. Advertise another of your products - ideally one similar or relevant to what the customer had just purchased
  3. Encourage them to follow your social channels 
  4. Ask them to share your offer to receive a free discount code
  5. Reconvert them using another call to action 
  6. Bring them to another page on your website
  7. Add a subscribe to your blog button
  8. Show off your customers love, perhaps a testimonial video or a positive customer review to reinforce your credibility 

And REMEMBER, to make sure you qualify and nurture the leads from your landing pages. 


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