Lead scoring - the deal closer, and how to go about it

By Annabel Lemmey - February 11, 2020

Are you stuck with too many leads from marketing and don’t know what to do with them?

It’s not a bad problem to have, because there's always lead scoring.

If you aren’t already doing it, you should be.

Companies that implemented lead scoring mechanisms increased their ROI for lead generation activities by 77%.

Lead scoring will allow you to be more efficient and productive with managing your leads and ensure you are prioritising the best leads, first.


Why lead scoring is important

So what is lead scoring? And why should you be making the most of it?

Lead scoring in essence is the ranking of leads to see who’s the most ready-to-sell-to prospect - which is all done by tracking their online behaviour and web activity.

Lead scores are based on the degree of interest leads show in your business, their current place in the buying circle and their fit in regards to the business.

A prospect may have opened your email, clicked a link within your email which took them to your homepage and they filled out a contact form. 

This would be classified as a hot lead as they have interacted with both your email and website and shared their personal information on the contact form. 

In the world of lead scoring, your sales team would be notified that this was a sales qualified lead that needs to be prioritised and contacted as soon as possible. 

Companies can score leads by assigning points, implementing rankings like A, B, C, D, or using terms like ‘hot’, ‘warm’ or ‘cold’ depending on what platform you’re using.

Lead scoring as a shared methodology

It’s important to remember that lead scoring is not a stand-alone marketing process because having sales’ input is essential to identifying a “qualified” lead. 

Making sure no soldier (or lead in this case) is left behind, even if they’re not ready to go to sales is essential in lead scoring.

If you're uncertain on how to actually nurture these leads, it's extremely simple - put them through an email campaign with value-added content or a retargeting campaign on LinkedIn or Facebook until they're ready to become a more qualified lead. 

Properly executed lead scoring allows companies to know whether prospects need to be fast-tracked to sales or developed through lead nurturing. Demographic and firmographic attributes are often associated with the best lead scoring systems - company size, industry, job titles as well as behavioural scoring - clicks, keywords, web visits, help greatly.

There are many software platforms out there that you can integrate with your sales and marketing teams which will help you be efficient with your lead scoring. Here at Eloquent we love to use HubSpot but you could also use Pardot, Salesforce or Eloqua.

At Eloquent we can help you drive lead conversations across your marketing and sales teams through lead scoring. Visit www.eloquent.com.au to find out more.


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