Subject Lines – The Unsung Hero Of Email Marketing

Are your marketing emails performing as well as you want them to?


Worldwide, 293 billion business and consumer emails are sent every day, and the average office worker receives 121 emails per day.


So how can you make sure your emails cut through all the crap that’s in your audience’s inbox?


The Importance Of A Good Subject Line


Your subject line is the most important part of your email, because there’s no point slaving away for hours crafting the most amazing email if no one’s tempted by the subject line to open it in the first place.


Here at Eloquent, we send a lot of emails, and the best campaigns are always led by either a promise or an intrigue subject line.


With a promise headline, you know exactly what you’re going to get when you open the email – it says it right there in the title. Whereas an intrigue headline creates an element of curiosity and interest, which leads the prospect to open it.


With 35% of people opening emails based off subject lines alone, they play a vital part in the success of email campaigns, so optimising this aspect of email marketing can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful email campaign. Follow the link here for more information and statistics on subject lines.


My Favourite Promise Subject Lines


  • The direct headline, “Free guide to X, download here.”
  • The news headline, “Company X partners with company Y and launched product Z.”
  • The how-to headline, “How to get more customers using funnels.”
  • The command headline, “Get your marketing plan template now.”
  • The reason why headline, “Seven reasons why you need video in your marketing plan in 2020.”


My Favourite Intrigue Subject Lines


Intrigue subject lines are generally one of, or a mixture of three things; these are either funny, controversial, or a question.


  • So there’s the indirect headline, “Jenny hired an SEO agency. You won’t believe what happened next.”
  • The question headline, “Are your beautifully designed emails killing your conversion rate?”
  • And finally, the testimonial headline, “Gary V. admits, ‘I think Eloquent is the best marketing agency in Sydney.'”


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