Why You Need To Create A Lead Magnet For Your Business

By Sean Withford - October 23, 2019

A "lead magnet" is the marketing phrase for a chunk of value that you offer your audience in exchange for their contact details.

Ever download a whitepaper, or give your email address in exchange for a discount code? 

That was a lead magnet.

But how do you apply them within your own business?

Lead magnets are essentially a chunk of value that solves a problem for your audience in exchange for information, most often contact details.

Have you ever downloaded an ebook or white paper in exchange for contact details?

If you said yes, then you’ve engaged with lead magnets in the past. But why do people make them?


Here’s why:

  • To build a list to reach out to
  • To surface intent
  • To nurture relationships

When someone goes to download a lead magnet about a particular topic that shows you they might be interested in what you have to offer. Now that you have their email address, you can follow that up with similar content you believe they may find useful, starting a relationship and eventually moving towards a sales process.

Finally, work with your sales team, give them people to contact - get them to pick up the phone, start the conversation and get some return on your marketing investments.

But what are the different types of lead magnets you can make?

You may be shocked to know, we’ve made a lead magnet about lead magnets (pretty meta!). And just so you can see an example of how it all works you'll be able to download a list of these for yourself down below.

So the first type of lead magnet you can do is a resources lead magnet. What we are talking about here are things like audits, checklists, templates, how-to-guides, resource lists, white files, even like calendars or daily planners - all resources that can be used as lead magnets for your business.


But how do you go about it? You need to think!

  • About your business
  • About your offer
  • About your target audience

Then you can build a resource for that person to download.

For us, interactive lead magnets are performing fantastically right now! Things like calculators, quizzes, surveys, polls and chatbots are all examples of interactive lead magnets that have helped us build our lists and nurture leads.

The next category is turning industry news into lead magnets. Anything relevant to industry news involving a download for information is an extremely effective form of lead magnet. Interviews with industry figures, videos, podcasts, blogs, all of them can be used as lead magnets.

This next type of lead magnet may seem counterintuitive, but when you hear it you'll think “wow, that actually makes sense!”. You can actually use your time as a lead magnet.

Now before you furrow your brow, just keep on reading…

Offering free audits, reviews, or phone calls to run through some issues, use your time and interaction as a lead magnet in itself, and people often don’t even realise - but they're really, really effective.

So there you go, in terms of lead magnets, its a chunk of value that you offer to your audience, it solves a problem for them, and you give it to them in exchange for their email address, or their contact details, you can get a phone number too. 

It helps you build your list, helps you surface intent, helps you start to nurture your audience, and then gives you people for your sales team to reach out to. 

If you want that list of everything I've just run through, click the link below and you'll get to experience a lead magnet in action, and you'll have a full list there of all those different lead magnet types, that you might be able to take and apply within your business.

Free download for you!

To give you an example of what they might look like AND download a list of 30+ lead magnet ideas, visit this site and pop your details in here - https://lnkd.in/dZzPUSe

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